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start is a new community site for sharing and pooling knowledge of Chrysler Group plans, vehicles, history,and performance.

It is a moderated wiki. We have chosen software that is easier to use than many packages, and hope you will add what you know, make corrections, etc.

The project was created by, to our knowledge the oldest Chrysler/Mopar site on the Internet*.

To register, go to the allpar forums and send a PM to Dave Z, or use the Allpar contact form to get a username.

See future vehicles, past vehicles, and current vehicles. To create a new page, go to an existing page, create a link to the new page, and then you can click on the link and create the new page (yes, we know this is a silly system).

* Claim is based on allpar being a continuation of “The Valiant Auto Pages,” started in 1994. The domain name was added in 1998 and replaced three ISP-based names used earlier.

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